Some photos after an interview with the candidate for NCD Regional, Mr Jamie Maxton Graham

2017 National Elections

So the 2017 National Elections is on and in full swing.
The radio station I work for - 89.9 FM CENTRAL has a segment called the 2017 Maoro Election Update.
In this program we've invited candidates to speak on their policies and also speak on their hopes of development and service delivery should they win a seat.
It's been interesting at seeing different ideological differences between these candidates.
Most common is addressing the lack of basic service delivery.


So I  went back on-air again today. Had to stand in for someone.
It was fun though.



So I went to MVIL to upgrade my class 6 provisional license today. I got it done and I thought I'd also enquire about my PMV permit for route 600.
I had previously applied for a PMV driver's permit but was told to wait till the class 6 provisional license was upgraded to a full class 6 license in order to get one.
Anyway, I thought usually it would be done at the CENTRAL Province Transport office but then I was told to go to MVIL.
I then went back to MVIL and the officer there told me to go back to the CENTRAL Province Transport office.
I told the officer that "I was sent here from there" so she asked a colleague of hers and she was finally informed of that I had to go to Kerema to get my permit as the PMV I would be driving is a route 600 PMV, which travels from Port Moresby to Kerema.
I then realized that the correct informed is not disseminated to most of the staff in both offices so the public unfortunately are given the run around.



I am currently working as the Venue Transport Officer for the FIFA LOCAL ORGANISING COMMITTEE at the National Football Stadium.
The last couple of weeks has been a lifetime experience especially working with the FIFA Team that came over to oversee everything run smoothly.
Here are a couple of photos which started new friendships and a lasting experience.



FIFA U20 Women's Soccer World Cup - Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea is gearing up for an exciting world event - The FIFA U20 Women's Soccer World Cup 2016.

Click on these links to follow the preparation and game day news.


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