So I went to MVIL to upgrade my class 6 provisional license today. I got it done and I thought I'd also enquire about my PMV permit for route 600.
I had previously applied for a PMV driver's permit but was told to wait till the class 6 provisional license was upgraded to a full class 6 license in order to get one.
Anyway, I thought usually it would be done at the CENTRAL Province Transport office but then I was told to go to MVIL.
I then went back to MVIL and the officer there told me to go back to the CENTRAL Province Transport office.
I told the officer that "I was sent here from there" so she asked a colleague of hers and she was finally informed of that I had to go to Kerema to get my permit as the PMV I would be driving is a route 600 PMV, which travels from Port Moresby to Kerema.
I then realized that the correct informed is not disseminated to most of the staff in both offices so the public unfortunately are given the run around.

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